About Us

Mike Askew School Of Music provides a cutting edge program tied to 50 years of experience.

Mike started his professional career, being paid to play, in 1968.

In 1975 became the lead guitarist for the first military rock band in the United States, Mach One, Air Force Band, Washington, D.C. Performances at the White House, Constitution Hall, most major colleges in the US, and countless TV shows.

During all of these Mike honed his skills as a teacher. Guitar, Piano, Bass, and FINALE composition, for all levels.

Each student is different, but many things remain the same. All students are taught to READ MUSIC. Applied theory is added where appropriate and possible.

You found the right teacher!









01. Experience

My 50 years of experiece is based on starting at 13. Now i realize that i was not very good then, but i knew then that i wanted to teach.


I not only mold musicians, but I help in the raising of the child. It's a village that helps the child grow. I reflect normal ideas that you will believe in, and reinforce with them.

02. Methodology

I use modern technology and old school methods to get just the right results. All students excel, but ast their own rate.


They stay, the will increase practice as they get better. The must have fun to continue. That means the teacher and parent has to be very patient.

03. Passion

There are many things I don't do well, but with this many years of experience, you really do get good at what you do. This means I also had the passion, drive, and tons of patients.


People know me says your picture should be in the wikipedia under patience :)

04. Professionality

We offer exceptional music lessons to students of all ages and levels in a fun and engaging environment.


We take care in creating a unique curriculum for each student, utilizing various teaching methods that work best for the individual and focusing on your musical interests.

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