Mike Askew’s Dorian Productions has brought people to the dance floor at over 3000 events. A professional musician since his teens, Mike has played gigs from his home town to the White House. Make your event his next — as a disc jockey, a live guitarist, or both.

A musician is a better DJ. Anyone with a little equipment and a free weekend can try to DJ, but years of musical training and performance have taught Mike to read a crowd. He’ll play the right songs at the right time to get people dancing. This is his full-time profession. Years of studio, television, and live experience all go towards giving you the best possible sound mix for your venue, wherever it may be.

And not every DJ can offer you live jazz guitar for those times the dance floor is empty, such as dinner or cocktail hour, at no extra cost. Beyond the reception, Mike can run the sound and music for your entire wedding ceremony. This means ONE entertainer to work with, one smaller fee, great sound, wireless microphones, wedding rehearsal CD demo, itinerary preparation, accompaniment for your singer, and live and pre-recorded music for pre ceremony and marches.

Mike will do as much or as little as you need him to do.

Planning is the most important part of a successful event, and is as hands-on as you want it to be. Mike will plan every minute of your event with your approval, or, if you prefer, you can give Mike a general theme and let Dorian Productions take care of the details. He will follow your time-line precisely, while remaining flexible and open to any requests that may arise during the event. Regardless of how involved you want to be, Mike is involved 100%. He will arrive, dressed appropriately for your event, no later than one hour prior to the start time (earlier if requested). With two complete sets of high-end equipment in tow, hardware glitches will never be show-stoppers.